I am available to perform:


Wedding Ceremonies

Vow Renewal/Anniversary Ceremonies

Committment Ceremnies and

Baby Naming Ceremonies



Booking a Celebrant:

It is important that you choose a celebrant that you feel comfortable with and someone who has had professional training.


How long does a Ceremony go for?

The ceremony would generally go for about 30 minutes depending on the style and inclusions.



You can have your wedding at any location of your choosing whether it be a park, garden, home, function centre or restaurant.


Wording for Ceremony:

Other than the legal wording and vows you may choose to include any wording, readings, prayers, poems or marriage vows that reflect your personalities and beliefs.


What are the legal vows that must be included?


(Bride and Groom), before you are joined in marriage in my presence and the presence of these witnesses I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are about to enter.


Marriage according to law in Australia is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others voluntarily entered into for life.


I call upopn the people here present to witness that I, (Groom), take you, (Bride), to be my lawful wife.


I call upon the people here present to witness that I, (Bride) take you, (Groom), to be my lawful husband.



Pre-marital Course/Pre-nuptial:

There are no specific pre-marital courses that are mandatory for you to attend.  I will provide you with a brochure on Relationship Education Information and I can supply details of local services if you wish.


You may also need to consider seeing your solicitor in regard to changing your Will and any Pre-nuptial agreement.




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